Best Content Writing Software Using AI

If you are a content writer, you must have come across AI writing software during your writing journey. With the dawn of modern technology, machine learning and AI has taken over every aspect of life. Similarly, AI has instilled its manifestations in software that can aid in content writing. Content writers across the world prefer the content writing tools powered by AI to improve their content writing strategies and final content. The software uses the powerful technology of AI to provide its users with services and protocols that can expand their content writing skills by granting their content attributes worthy of praise.

 Best Content Writing Software Using AI |

Best Content Writing Software Using AI |

Numerous AI writing software are available in the market. Each software uses AI to enhance its features and offer writers a complete solution to their difficulties regarding content writing. The AI-powered content writing tools provide the options of rewriting the articles, paraphrasing, summarizing the content, and the list goes on. It comes down to writers and their abilities to integrate the properties of these tools and enhance their content writing. Therefore, content writers must employ AI writing software and tools while writing to ensure that their articles have all the necessary hallmarks of well-cultivated content.

Best AI Writing Software

Following are some of the best AI writing software that content writers commonly use

1.      Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI writing software that provides market strategies to companies with an established reputation and startups. It creates blog posts, titles, progress ideas, and outlines for the articles. It uses the language prototype known as GPT-3 and hosts an indigenous AI platform. The users can insert minimal captions in the software, and it provides them with effective market campaigns that contain content capable of boosting sales.

It can generate successful advertisement campaigns for social media platforms such as Facebook. Writesonic also harbors users from various nations and offers a UI and features in their native languages.

2.      Article Forge

As indicated by the self-explanatory name, Article Forge is an article generator that utilizes AI to provide complete and eloquent articles to content writers. With headquarters centered at the eastern coasts of the US, it offers articles in seven popular languages of the world. The articles have a similar essence as those composed by real content writers. The users have to provide the software with a keyword that triggers the AI network to form an article that revolves around that keyword. The articles have no plagiarism with SEO proficiency. The incredible research skills of the tool allow it to provide such original articles.

3.      Jarvis

Consider it your moment of “Avengers Assemble” with all the features of the tools serving as the avengers and assembling to defend your content against the scrutiny of the market. Turning Tony Stark’s invention into reality, Jarvis is an AI-powered content writing tool that provides multiple content creation options and templates to the users. The tool can help you write an advertisement for platforms like Facebook and Google. It can form market campaigns for companies and content writers and lead them to successful sales. Jarvis also has a visionary take on content as it operates in eleven different languages. It can create blog posts that efficiently use a keyword and provide a quality SEO experience. The users must provide keywords and descriptions of the product and then wait till Jarvis utilizes its intelligence to create quality content.

4.      Word AI

Originating as an article spinning tool, Word AI rewrites articles for its users by analyzing the content and keywords thoroughly. Before beginning the job of spinning the article, it assesses the sentences and words in the articles. When the tool spins, it ensures that the meaning of each sentence remains intact as it rephases the words. Maintaining the essence of the original article, it provides a contemporary model of the inserted article but with better words and high quality.

The spun content is not only according to market standards but also has an excellent score on SEO. The tool encompasses the diversity of content templates by providing multiple spinning options and insertion techniques. It also offers a language detection feature and services in various languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, and English. Content writers also have the alternative to replace each word of the content instead of spinning the entire article.

5.      AutoWriterPro

AutoWriterPro provides the most feasible solution for the challenges posed to content writers. It is a content writing as well as a marketing platform. It helps the users by alleviating the difficulties of the writing procedure. Companies and writers have the option to generate marketing content that they can incorporate into their branding campaigns. The writers and content developers do not have to go through the burden of creating and writing the marketing content. They can just institute their content to the tool, sit back and relax.

The tools dock several content templates associated with marketing, articles, blogs, legal writing, and business proposition or documentation. The writers can also sync their content with servers and then retrieve it whenever they intend to introduce revisions and edits in the content. They can also create tags for the content and have the option to manage these tags according to the content.

Furthermore, they can assort their content into various categories available on the software and improve their content exceedingly by articulating it according to these categories. AutoWriterPro offers the smartest and most unique content and writing techniques to its users by utilizing the power and wonders of AI.


Content writers can benefit incredibly by using AI writing software. Equipping their skills with the constituents of AI-powered software content writers can do wonders. They can formulate content that depicts their ideas and holds a remarkable reputation in the market. They can also save themselves from excessive brainstorming and use the outlines provided by the tools to start working right away. Utilizing the characteristics of AI tools, both companies and writers can promote their products, amplify their values and increase sales.

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