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Whether you are a startup or a well-established company, businesses need to keep up with the changing market dynamics and keep evolving to stay relevant and to stay afloat. Moreover, with markets becoming increasingly globalized, it’s too easy to be lost in a sea of foreign competition and lose investors because they don’t see potential in your business ideas anymore.


Needless to say, developing effective business plans is a huge part of successfully evolving.


A business plan is a glance into your enterprise’s future and needs to be well-crafted and thoughtfully designed to impress investors.


This is why an automated business plan generator isn’t something to ignore. So, whether you’re trying to stand out from the competition or impressing a group of potential investors for your startup, a business plan created by Autowriterpro is a winning choice.

Showcase your vision

Autowriterpro's business plans generator can help your new startup showcase your vision and potential to your investors in a compelling and convincing manner. It might just be your last resort to save a failing business.

Take a fresh approach

Have you been keep trying to secure investments or funding but keep getting no where? It's time to change the approach so if you've designed business plans that have failed to impress your investors, it's time to let the automated business plan generator take over and work its magic!

Tons of templates

Autowriterpro's smart business plan generator comes with easily editable templates that can be customized to your business's requirements, making your job easier by ten-fold.

Why you should choose our smart business plans generator

Autowriterpro is designed to help you with professional-looking business plans, as well as marketing plans, finance plans, operational plans, price negotiation letters, contracts and policies, and other crucial business-related material that helps you stay on top.

If you want to truly know it’s worth it, it’s best to try it out for your business. In fact, get the AI business plan generator now while it’s on sale with a money-back guarantee.
But let’s be real, the AI business plan generator generates more than just content. It generates leads and profits for your business!
Get Autowriterpro on board now to transform your business!

Business plan generator categories

Over 1,000+ templates for all types of business planning requirements and industries

Business Administration (104)
Business Planning (132)
Finance Planning (84)
Guides & Checklists (42)
Human Resources Planning (99)
Legal Documents (568)
Operations Planning (134)
Real Estate & Leasing (46)
Sales Letters (285)
Sales Planning (196)
Sales Scripts (45)
Software & Technology (105)
Supply Planning (25)

Examples of business plan templates

Business Plan Template – Long Version
Business Plan Template – Short Version
Executive Summary – For Investors
Business Plan Canvas – One Page
Business Proposal – Long Version
Project Bid Proposal
Business Proposal – Short Version
Business Grant Proposal
How To Write A Grant Proposal
Developing A Grant Proposal
How To Write A Business Proposal
Business Report
Business Strategy For Growth
Checklist Strategic Planning
Confirmation Of Media Interview Appointment
Cost Analysis Of Market Research Methods
Disaster Recovery Plan
Internet Marketing Company Business Plan
Marketing Agency Business Plan
Market Survey B2B
Media Relations Policy

Press Release Company Has Completed A Merger
Press Release Company Has Completed An Acquisition
Press Release Company Has Expanded Its Facilities
Press Release Company Has Reached A Milestone
Press Release Company Has Received Financing
Press Release Company Reports Quarter Results
Press Release Company Won An Award
Press Release New Distribution Channel
Press Release New Partnership Collaboration
Press Release New Website
Press Release Opening A New Office
Press Release Promotion Of Employee
Responding To Inaccurate Press
Sponsorship Package
Swot Analysis
Work Breakdown Structure
Worksheet Business A Analysis
Worksheet Competitor Analysis
Worksheet Demographic Analysis
Worksheet Demographic Comparison
Worksheet Industry Competitive Forces Analysis
Worksheet Strengths Weaknesses Analysis
Worksheet Target Market

Purchase Order Letter
Implementing A Sales System
Implementing A Marketing System
How To Sign A Contract
How To Setup Online Payment
How To Setup A Purchasing Process
How To Review A Supplier Contract
How To Renew A Contract
How To Implement Customer Service Training
How To Grow A Business
How To Create Sales Forecast For New Product
How To Create A Sales Forecast
How To Create A Contract
Guide For Registering A Trademark USA

Examples of business administration templates

Letter Proposal To Buy A Business
Worksheet Evaluating Management Performance
Authorizing To Renew Employment Agreements
Polygraph Consent
Waiver Of Right Of First Refusal
Certificate Of Amendment
Proprietary Rights Acknowledgment Upon Termination
Acknowledgment Of Obligations
Indemnity For Directors Short-form
Proxy Revocation
Proxy Revocable
Certificate Of Incumbency
Board Resolution To Negotiate A Specific Contract
Board Resolution Authorizing Agreements Renewal
Board Resolution Approving The Award Of A Contract

Board Resolution To Negotiate A Specific Contract
Board Resolution Authorizing Agreements Renewal
Board Resolution Approving The Award Of A Contract
Waiver And Consent
Voting Trust Agreement
Unlimited Power Of Attorney
Unilateral Liability Release
Undertaking Of Indemnification Director
Undertaking Of Indemnification
Share Subscription Agreement Venture Capital
Share Subscription Agreement Private Long Form
Letter Examples For A Subscription Of Shares
Indemnification Agreement For Directors
Income Continuation Protection Agreement
Guarantee Agreement

General Non Compete Agreement
Executive Protection Agreement Change In Control
Executive Protection Agreement Change Control Long
Exchange Of Shares Agreement
Exchange Of Shares Agreement Long Form
Checklist Documents To Bring To Your Attorney
Board Resolution To Terminate A Contract
Board Resolution Approving Acquisition Of Business
Board Resolution In Recognition Of Service
Board Resolution To Retain A Consultant
Board Resolution Approving Sale Of Assets
Assignment And Transfer Of Stock Certificate
Board Resolution To Purchase Equipment
Assignment Of Shares
Covenant Not To Sue
Assignment For Deed
Assignment Of Assets

Examples of finance planning templates

Final Notice Before Legal Action
Request For Proposal For Credit Facility
Account In Arrears And Request For Response
Collateral Debenture
Installment Note Bank Deposit As Collateral
Guarantee Of Account
General Continuing Guaranty
Assignment Of Money Due
Agreement To Extend Debt Payment
Agreement To Extend Debt Payment Terms
Collection Letter Referral To Agency
Agreement To Compromise Debt
Agreement To Compromise Disputed Account

Demand Note
Movable Hypothec Long Form
Charge Account Terms And Conditions
Disputed Account Settlement
Assignment Of Accounts Receivable With Recourse
Assignment Of Accounts Receivable Non Recourse
Transmittal Of Documents For Signature
Transmittal Of Account To Collection Agency
Subordination Agreement To Secured Debt
Subordination Agreement
Subordination Agreement Long Form
Security Agreement
Sales Invoice

Repurchase Of Accounts Receivable Agreement
Release Of Lien
Receipt For Goods Or Services
Purchase Order
Possible Business Growth Strategies
Notice To Stop Goods In Transit
Notice Of NSF Check Charge And Late Fee Owed
Note Purchase Agreement
Letter Bankruptcy Enquiry
Financing Agreement
Financing Agreement Short
Bill Of Sale For Corporations
Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure

Examples of human resources planning templates

Employment Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement
Subcontract Agreement
Consulting Contract
Sales Representative Agreement
Non-Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement
Sales Representative Evaluation Checklist
Job Description & Advertising Template
Sales Commission Policy
Acknowledgment Of Customer Praise Of Employee
Checklist Sales Rep Evaluation
Sales Commission Summary For Sales Contractors
Exclusive Sollicitation Sales Commission Agreement
Marketing Assistant Job Description
Marketing Manager Job Description
Non Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement
Strategic HR Plan
Commission List
Wholesale And Retail Buyer Job Description
Tutoring Contract
Temporary Employment Contract
Telecommuting Agreement
Teaming Agreement

Restrictive Covenants For Employment Agreements
Real Estate Salesman Independent Agreement
Real Estate Sales Agent Job Description
Real Estate Broker Job Description
Purchasing Manager Job Description
Purchasing Agent General Job Description
Purchasing Agent Farm Products Job Description
Proprietary Information And Inventions Agreement
Physical Exam Consent
Paralegal And Legal Assistant Job Description
Mutual Termination Of Contract
Mediation And Arbitration Agreement
Media Release Form
Media Consent Form
Letter To New Employer Of Former Nondisclosure
Cover Letter Job Application
Letter Of Encouragement To Sales Staff
Janitor And Building Cleaner Job Description
Interview Guide Sales Representative Wholesale
Interview Guide Sales Representative Non Technical
Interview Guide Sales Director Or Manager
Interview Guide Customer Service Representative
Information Release Authorization
How To Sign An NDA Agreement
Musician Contract

Teaching Contract
Sworn Statement For Contractor
Subcontractor Release Of Lien
Social Media Policy
Social And Community Service Job Description
Shared Equity Agreement
Severance Agreement
Services Agreement With Royalties Or Commission
Sales Representative Wholesale Technical Job
Sales Representative Wholesale Non Technical Job
Sales Manager Job Description
Sales Expenses Reimbursement Policy
Sales Engineer Job Description
Sales Commission Policy
Food Service Manager Restaurant Job Description
First Supervisor Of Retail Sales Job Description
Exclusivity Confidentiality, Assignment Of Product
Exclusive Contractor Agreement
Exclusive Commission Agreement
Congratulations On Increased Sales
Congratulations On Promotion
Drug Testing Consent Agreement
Agreement For Work Change
Administrative And Technology Services Outsourcing
Assignment Of Pre Employment Works

Examples of operations planning templates

Apologizing For Poor Quality Of Product
Assessing The Primary Activities Chain
Checklist Developing Services
Checklist Warehouse Storage Analysis
Checklist Possible Information Systems Strategies
Checklist To Improve Customer Service
Checklist Trade Show
Customer Complaint Form
Customer Feedback Form

Customer Return Report
Customer Service Action Form
Customer Service Request Form
How To Create A Customer Service Strategy
Memorandum On Sales Seminar
Request For Pickup Of Repaired Merchandise
We’ve Credited Your Account You’re Right
We’ve Followed The Warranty To The Letter
Sale On Consignment Acknowledgment

Sale On Approval Acknowledgment
Requisition Slip
Parts Arrival Notification
Part Arrival Notice Request To Schedule Service
Packing Slip
Packing List Of Order
Notice Of Dispatch
Notice Of Delayed Shipment
Notice Of Delayed Shipment 2

Example content for business plans

Executive Summary 6

Business Description 6

Products and Services 6

The Market 6

The Opportunity 6

The Solution 6

Competition 6

Operations 7

Management Team 7

Risks & Opportunity 7

Financial Summary 8

Capital Requirements 9

1. Business Description 10

1.1 Mission Statement 10

1.2 Values and Vision 10

1.3 Industry Overview 10

1.4 Company Description 10

1.5 History and Current Status 10

1.6 Goals and Objectives 10

1.7 Critical Success Factors 11

1.8 Company Ownership 11

2. Products / Services 12

2.1 Products / Services Description 12

2.2 Unique Features or Proprietary Aspects 12

2.3 Research and Development 12

2.4 Production 12

2.5 New and Follow-on Products & Services 12

3. The Market 13

3.1 Industry Analysis 13

3.2 Market Analysis 13

3.3 Competitor Analysis 14

4. Marketing & Sales 15

4.1 Introduction 15

4.2 Market Segmentation Strategy 15

4.3 Targeting Strategy 15

4.4 Positioning Strategy 15

4.5 Product / Service Strategy 15

4.6 Pricing Strategy 16

4.7 Distribution Channels 16

4.8 Promotion and Advertising Strategy 16

4.9 Sales Strategy 16

4.10 Sales Forecasts 16

5. Development 17

5.1 Development Strategy 17

5.2 Development Timeline 17

5.3 Development Expenses 17

6. Management 18

6.1 Company Organization 18

6.2 Management Team 18

6.3 Management Structure and Style 19

6.4 Ownership 19

6.5 Professional and Advisory Support 20

6.6 Board of {{advisors_or_directors}} 20

7. Operations 21

7.1 Operations Strategy 21

7.2 Scope of Operations 21

7.3 Ongoing Operations 21

7.4 Location 21

7.5 Personnel 21

7.6 Production 21

7.7 Operations Expenses 22

7.8 Legal Environment 22

7.9 Inventory 22

7.10 Suppliers 22

7.11 Credit Policies 23

8. Financials 24

8.1 Start-up Costs 24

8.2 Income Statement 25

8.3 Balance Sheet 26

8.4 Cash Flow 27

8.5 Break-Even Analysis 28

8.6 Financial History and Analysis 28

9. Offering / Funding Request 30

9.1 Offer 30

9.2 Capital Requirements 30

9.3 Risk/Opportunity 30

9.4 Valuation of Business 30

9.5 Exit Strategy 30

10. Implementation 31

10.1 Year 1 31

10.2 Subsequent years 31

10.3 Contingency plan 31

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