Domain Age Checker - Check A Website's Domain Age

Autowriterpro’s domain age checker lets you check the domain age of a website or a domain.

Finding out how long a website has been running is useful for the following reasons:

  • Gauging the authority of a website;
  • Determining the length of time a business has been operating;
  • Determining whether to order advertising space;
  • Determining whether to contact the website owner for blogger outreach or guest posting purposes;
  • Determining how well the website will rank;
  • and more.

Internet search engines such as Google identify older websites and may use domain age as a factor to place such websites higher up the search list than others. More established websites that have been around for longer may be prioritized on a search engines listing.

Domain age and SEO

One of the reasons why older domains work better for SEO is because of qualitative backlinking. Search engines check Backlinks and they actually pay attention to the dominance site and also check if that dominance site is authoritative.

Most SEO experts say that a domain age matter in terms of search engine rankings and that, while not a primary consideration, domain age is a factor used to determine quality publishers on the internet. The reality of the matter is that the more you stay online publishing good content, the more authoritative you become on the subject matter at hand. 

What domain age means

The age of a domain or website is different from the age of a domain name.

A domain age refers to the length of time a website has been indexed by search engines and domain age is calculated from the first day of indexation by search engines.

In simple terms, a domain name that has been registered for many years but has no actual website that has been established on that domain name is exactly the same domain age as a new website you have just purchased.

Why domain age matters

Bigger Link Profile

One big reason why aged domain names are performing better is because they have actually got some quality backlinks. The first thing that search engines looks for is the backlinks and if the links are with sites that are dominance and have authority, they are ranked better.

Established reputation

An older domain name has a strong base of reputation in their market segment. This is another point that makes them rank higher. The reality of the matter is that getting a better reputation takes time and that’s why Google assumes that an older domain name has a good reputation.


They actually have a fair amount of traffic. An older domain name has more traffic. Getting a fair share of traffic means that the user has invested a lot of money, time and efforts on getting a heavy and a loyal customer base. If you were to buy this site, you will only be concerned about how to maintain the traffic and not attracting more on your site.


Most older domains have a good SEO ranking. Sites are significantly devalued at the initial stage when they are still at a young age, being generally, the first few months from the first day the site is indexed by search engines.

Using Autowriterpro's Domain Age Checker

Autowriterpro’s Domain Age Checker should be used in combination with the rest of Autowriterpro’s Blogging & SEO Tools for optimum site performance and for market intelligence.

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